January 2024 - AoD = Administration on Disabilities

This picture is the logo of Administration on Disabilities, it is composed by the capital letters A and D in color blue with a tiny letter o floating in between them. The arch of the A it's like a double wave in color red and it forms a curve next to the o. Under the logo you can read Administration on Disabilities.

For people with disabilities to be successful in life, supports and tools are important resources. This month’s acronym, Administration on Disabilities (AoD), helps provide that support. It is part of the

Administration for Community Living.

AoD administers funds for three disability-focused federal offices. The Office of Independent Living Programs oversees Independent Living Services programs and centers for independent living. The Office of Disability Services Innovation manages disability programs providing discretionary grants. The Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disability administers Developmental Disabilities Act federal programs. For additional information about AoD, the Delaware Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) recommends reading two online resources about AoD:

Administration on Disabilities (Administration for Community Living)


About | Disability Employment TA Center (AoD Disability Employment Technical Assistance Center).

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December 2023 - CIL = Center for Independent Living

On the left of the picture is the IRI logo, the letters IRI divided in two horizontally by an arch. The first letter I is the Delaware map silhouette the top part in orange, the bottom part in dark red. The letter R top part in yellow bottom part in dark red. The second letter I top part in orange and bottom part in dark red. Next to it you can read Independent Resources, Inc. And at the bottom the text: Unlocking the potential of Delawareans with disabilities. On the right part of the picture you can see the logo of Freedom Center. On top you can read "The FREEDOM CENTER" white letters on a blue background. Under it you can read "FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING, INC". And under it the sillhouettes of two man holding hands up like performing a "high five", one is in a wheelchair the other one standing up, next to them five stars in blue, and under them three wavy lines in red.

For independent living to be fully achieved, services must be provided. This month’s acronym, CIL, refers to the Center for Independent Living. The U.S. state of Delaware has two centers for independent living:

Freedom Center for Independent Living 


Independent Resources, INC. 

The CILs receive their federal funding from the Administration for Community Living. The core services of a Center for Independent Living are information and referral, independent living skills training, peer counseling, systems, and individual advocacy and transition. People with disabilities can receive services from the CIL of their choice in their state of residency. Readers are encouraged to learn about the centers for independent living in your state of residence.

Stay tuned for Delaware SILC’s next acronym of the month!

November 2023 - ACL = Administration for Community Living

This is the ACL logo, it's created with three boomerang shapes with three circles, they look like the upper body and head of a person. One is red, one blue and the other one yellow. Next to them the letters ACL in blue. Under it the words Administration for Community Living.

Administration for Community Living which operates under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides funding to Statewide Independent Living Councils nationwide. The  Administration for Community Living was created around the fundamental principle that older adults and people of all ages with disabilities should be able to live where they choose, with the people they choose, and with the ability to participate fully in their communities. By funding services and supports provided primarily by networks of community-based organizations, and with investments in research, education, and innovation, ACL helps make this principle a reality for millions of Americans.

October 2023 - IL = Independent Living

This is a picture of the letter I and L they are blue with a shade of lighter blue as shadow

Independent Living is living just like everyone else — having opportunities to make decisions that affect your life, and being able to pursue activities that you choose. Independent Living is controlling and directing your own life and taking responsibility for your own actions. It is knowing what choices are available and selecting what is right for you.

Independent living should not be defined in terms of living on your own, being employed in a job fitting your capabilities and interests, or having an active social life. These are aspects of living independently.

Independent living has to do with self-determination. It is having the right and the opportunity to pursue a course of action that you decide. And, more importantly, it is having the freedom to make good decisions or perhaps poor ones.  It’s having the opportunity to fail and to learn from your mistakes.